In Response to: Higher Educating

Excellent article on the favorable evolution of “tough courses” at Princeton.  Being a Ph.D. organic chemistry alumnus, I’m most interested in Intro to Organic Chemistry courses.  It would be good to know what the evaluation of “orgo” was (traditionally the key parameter used by med school recruiters when evaluating pre-meds) prior to these revisions. It seems that Mait Jones’ methods of teaching orgo concepts are the way to go. Given the favorable reception by Princeton orgo students, it would seem (sorry for being harsh) that NYU pre-meds are spoiled brats, feeling that their orgo grade should be an easy gift and entitlement. I’ll even go as far to say the med schools and companies should look twice before choosing NYU premeds.

I knew Mait Jones, even played softball against him when he was still a grad student at Yale, and his textbooks and teaching methods are excellent. Congrats to the Princeton chemistry professors for continuing and enhancing these excellent teaching methods.

Congrats to the professors, TAs, and students in the courses described. You make us alumni proud. Go Tiger!

Robert E. (Bob) Buntrock *67
Orono, Maine