From the article: 

Kurtzer also was critical of Hamas for taking civilian hostages during the Oct. 7 attacks. Israel has negotiated the release of 110 hostages, but it believes more than 100 are still being held in Gaza, according to recent reports in The Washington Post. “[W]e’re talking elderly people, elderly men and women, babies,” he said. “This is not, it’s not human. And it goes beyond the conflict. They call themselves a resistance organization. This is not resistance.” 

Twenty-two thousand Gazans dead in retribution as I write; among them, to use Mr. Kurtzer’s words, “elderly people, elderly men and women, babies.” Twenty-two thousand, 9,000 of them children. 

Israel calls her efforts defense. Her manner of warfare is not defensive but aggressive — and, it seems to me, criminal.

Alex Knisely ’75
Körmend, Hungary