Caroline Nelson ’14 invites us into her inspiring Montana ranch where she practices regenerative agriculture, e.g. with livestock that don’t graze in one spot, leading to healthier animals and soil, biodiversity, and drought resilience. Meanwhile, in neighboring Oregon, Lindianne (Sarno) Sappington ’76 and husband Arthur spearhead a similarly inspired food sovereignty initiative including regenerative agriculture, watershed management, and self-governing farming freedom (

In the upcoming 2024 Reunions, Lindianne and Arthur will describe how their work in Oregon is being applied as a food forest NGO in Uganda, to avert a famine. Joined by other experts in agriculture and economics, the Reunions panel will explore how the harmful effects of the net-zero emissions mandates on farming must be overcome with food sovereignty and food security initiatives. It will be livestreamed; look for an event titled “The Great Escape from the Net Zero Hunger Games,” sponsored by the Conservative Princeton Association.

Alex Zarechnak ’68
Oakton, Va.