Although I support the rights of the “protesters” to state their views in public, the occupation of University property and harassment of members of the community is unacceptable. The overarching stink of antisemitism pervades all these “protests.” How many of the people carrying signs and chanting slogans are aware of the complex history of the Middle East and the current political situation in the region? How many have watched the videos of the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas terrorists? Princeton should be a place which encourages civil and thoughtful debate rather than demonstrations which can easily devolve into violence. I was there during the student strikes of 1970 when we denounced America’s invasion of Cambodia. The climate was different, and the participants were better informed and more intelligent. We discussed the moral quandary of the war, listened to lectures given by learned historians, and calmly discussed possible solutions. In contrast, the current crop of student “activists” reminds me of mindless sheep. I am not proud to call myself a Princetonian this day.

J. Gregory Vermeychuk *72
Newark, Del.