I had seen posters for the film Cabrini and was tickled to learn the writer is a fellow Tiger. But your article surprised me. Here is a movie about a groundbreaking woman, yet not once do you mention a single woman involved in the project—not even which actor plays Cabrini in the film. The financier, producer, director and everyone you interview is male, and the only actor you mention is John Lithgow, who doesn’t play the title character. As I looked in vain for a clue to who plays Cabrini, it struck me how much this reminded me of the way women were largely erased from the cultural landscape during my childhood and much of my adult life. How ironic, since this is the tale, as you write, about “female empowerment in the face of unrelenting condescension and paternalism by a parade of powerful men.” But surely it matters how you tell the story, not just that you do.

Zanthe Taylor ’93
Brooklyn, N.Y.