In Response to: Pranks for the memories

I was at Princeton from 1962–67, earning a Ph.D. in chemistry. I remember well The Great Train Robbery, at least from the coverage in The Daily Princetonian and elsewhere. What was not mentioned was that the perps could have faced legal punishment, since that was the one Dinky of the day that was a mail train, making their prank potentially a federal offense. It was reported that one of them had a relative in high places who secured suspension of any legal action for their daring raid, since it was a prank and not a “robbery.”

I also remember the hilarious spoofs in the end-of-semester editions of The Daily Princetonian. One memorable “article” claimed that Bill Bradley ’65, tired of being called a “Weeny Wonk” by Cosmo Iacavazzi ’65 *68, said he was quitting basketball to try out for the football team. The football coach celebrated widely and said he’d play Bradley at longside end and was ecstatic. Fun days.

Robert E. “Bob” Buntrock *67
Minneapolis, Minn.