In Response to: Student unions

In addition to the sites mentioned in the Feb. 9 Alumni Scene story (“Student unions”), the most impressive location for the married couples among the returning veterans in 1946 was Brown Hall, situated as it was in the heart of the campus. I know because the couples were on my mid-evening route on behalf of the Student Sandwich Agency, and when I called out my wares at each entrance opening on the interior courtyard, the young brides would appear quite informally with cash in hand. I was not aware of the Pyne Hall venues. 

The so-called Barracks on the site of the polo fields I thought dated from the wartime presence of the Navy. They were still in use for families in 1948, when I was part of the grounds crew mowing the entire campus (I had the hand mower). I was proud to be a paid employee of Princeton after graduating early.

Donald W. Maloney ’49
Abington, Pa.