Per his letter in the May 15 issue, Gordon Fitzgerald ’72 conveys his correct view that a drone (bee or ant) is a mere worker who relieves the “queen” of having to perform any duty other than reproduction, and the “soldier” of the necessity to grow food.

About what drones does he write? The mechanical drones such as we use, or the brainwashed human drones who promiscuously blow up innocent people throughout the Mideast and elsewhere, including more recently the U.S., Spain, etc., along with themselves, out of the idiocy that such “martyrdom” will gain them immediate entry to Paradise and unlimited access to all those things their faith denies them in this temporal life: alcohol, virgins, etc.

Not only is it we who are using our drones to surgically attack and minimize casualties among the innocent; it was they who used them on us first. Mr. Fitzgerald’s juxtaposition of these appears to me to betray a pitiful paucity of teaching critical thinking at modern Princeton University in favor of liberal mass robotism: “Oh, how nice we all are! How can we abide such abuse of the baddies?”

John J. Auld Jr. ’50