Scott Berg ’71’s statement that Andrew Fleming West 1874 wanted to keep the Graduate College “from becoming an exclusive enclave for privileged sons” (Princetonians, Sept. 18) brought back a very pleasant memory. When I was admitted to the graduate school in 1968, neither I nor many of my classmates were “privileged sons” (or daughters). We certainly could not have afforded a Princeton education without the very generous and continuous financial support provided by the University. Even during some of our “fifth” years, ways were found for us to stay on campus to finish our theses.

Along with our admission letters were invitations to visit (with travel expenses paid by) the Princeton chemistry department, an experience that strongly influenced my decision to attend Princeton instead of a different graduate school. As we have gone on to industrial-research positions or professorships, hopefully our gratitude shows in our alumni-fund contributions.

Emil M. Friedman *73
Hillside, N.J.