In Response to: New Releases

The picture of the cover of Robin Lloyd ’73’s book, Rough Passage to London: A Sea Captain’s Tale, caught my eye (Princetonians, Dec. 4). Just three days before, I had unwrapped my own copy of that book on Christmas morning, a gift from my father, Edward Morgan III. Growing up, the dark and imposing oil portrait of Elisha Ely Morgan, or “Captain Morgan” to us, that hung over our mantel often drew questions from visitors. My father was always ready to tell of his ancestor, my great-great-great-grandfather, who was a well-respected captain whose frequent passengers included Charles Dickens.

My father had tracked down Mr. Lloyd— and his novel — in doing research for our family archives, and while he knew that Mr. Lloyd (a great-great-great-grandson of Captain Morgan, and therefore a cousin of mine) was part of our extended biological family, none of us realized that we shared a Princeton connection as well. Thank you for bringing this to light and for sharing Mr. Lloyd’s tale with other PAW readers!

Meg Morgan ’89