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Re the Feb. 5 From the Archives photo: I will never forget seeing the picture at that time (also in PAW) of Robin Ward Puleo ’74 s’74 in those mittens. Robin had just finished writing a short story based on my first week of teaching in a public seventh-grade class. One sharp, sassy kid could not say my long last name, so I became “Mister Mister.” That was the title of Robin’s story. 

I had graduated and had a teaching job up the road, but I was “homeless” and living out of my car. For a couple of weeks, I lived in Hamilton Hall in a dorm room vacated because of the energy crisis with friends Jim Borts ’76 and Mike Henderson ’74. Sixty degrees? The welcoming hospitality made it the warmest place I ever stayed — and one of the many reasons I give time and money to Princeton.

Editor’s note: Nancy Strahan ’73 also wrote in to identify Robin Ward Puleo.

Walt Schanbacher ’73