In Response to: Trouble at Tiger Inn

I was appalled by reports in The New York Times of the alleged behavior of students at Tiger Inn last fall. I now am disappointed by the failure of President Eisgruber ’83 or the University to inform alumni directly about a situation that discredits the entire University. Rather, there was a report in the Jan. 7 issue of PAW, “Trouble at Tiger Inn,” that describes actions taken by the club and indicates in one sentence that the University had charged several students. This is not a club problem, but a University problem.

Despite what I’m sure are often strained relations, the clubs are part of the University. The alleged incidents should not be shielded because they did not occur on University property or at a University event. I realize that this is part of a very complex situation, but hope to hear soon that the University has taken action to penalize those responsible if the allegations are proved to be true and to institute not just procedures, but policies that will minimize the chance that such incidents reoccur at the University, including any club.

William C. Carson ’50