I was trying to remember where I heard of the book, it is so good. It must be your magazine, but I cannot find the reference; if so, you have hit another home run.

Somewhere I spotted this book and borrowed it from the library, 100 Places in France Every Women Should Go, by Marcia DeSanctis ’82. It is very well-written by a Princeton alumna, and one chapter is a riot: “Unmentionables Never More – The Perfect Lingerie, Paris.”

The author writes: “It is widely accepted that French women are born with knowledge that the rest of us have to learn. One of the most universal truths, even if it is may not actually be universally true, is that they are the standard-bearers in the ways of seduction. It is a curious alchemy of coquetry, grace, humor, intuition, and just enough vulnerability that makes even the toughest Frenchwoman a temptress without equal. She doesn’t even have to try. But she does, and the proof is in the lingerie.” She then goes on to describe her favorite boutiques.

Editor’s note: The book by Marcia DeSanctis was covered in a Jan. 23, 2015, post on The Weekly Blog.

Douglas Bailey *72