I am grateful that five “academic chief executives” and one journalist have defended higher education as tactfully as they did (feature, July 8). The discussion begins promisingly enough, with a panelist suggesting the proposed agenda is too negative, but he’s quickly cut off when the interviewer speaks of “so many voices” questioning whether a college degree is worthwhile.

But who are these voices, and what specifically are they asking? Fortunately, we are spared those offensive details. No names, no places, please. Above all, no political affiliations! In fact, political subjects are mostly limited to the term “political correctness” if present at all in this tasteful investigation, as is the unhappy question of corporate control via Big Bucks. Bravo!

Of course, it is admitted that higher ed’s “political arsenal is very weak,” but fortunately no indigestible specifics are offered about why this is so. Perhaps it’s just one huge accident. Ask the folks at the University of Wisconsin-Madison if in doubt.

In any case, matters conclude wittily enough with a reference to our beloved old dinosaur in Guyot, while giants still walk the Earth, and we can now move pleasantly on to something of genuine importance, namely Reunions.

R.E. Stratton ’60