The tide is finally turning against football. It is now undeniable that this game is causing massive brain damage to its players, not only long term with chronic traumatic encephalopathy but also in the short term through diminished development of the hippocampus, a part of the brain that is critical to the formation of new memory, the control of emotion, and mental health.

Football is bad for players from peewee leagues to the pros. This is undeniable. Why does Princeton, the No.-1 ranked school in the country, continue to play the sport? Surely, President Eisgruber ’83 must be aware of the damage that this sport is inflicting on students who are football players. I challenge President Eisgruber to make Princeton a leader on this issue and not a follower. Pull the plug on football. While it will be shocking to some, he will be vindicated and celebrated for his courage in a very short time.

If you are a football player, here is what I would recommend: Go in and quit — today. It’s not disloyal. Where will all of your fans be in a few years, when you are struggling with mental problems associated with your days as a football player? You already are damaged, sorry to say. So just walk in and quit. You will never regret it. No matter what kind of bull your coach throws at you, he won’t be there to help you down the road. No one will.

Fred Doar ’77
Mill Valley, Calif.