It is difficult to find words to express the relief and gratitude I felt upon reading “Sexual Misconduct: The New Rules” (feature, Sept. 16). It has been difficult, for more than 20 years, to find words to articulate my relationship with Princeton, and with who I was, and what I encountered, while a student there. I encountered — and survived — depression, sexual assault, alcohol abuse, and a deep silence, powered by shame. To hear and feel that silence breaking over the past few years in the culture at large, at Princeton, and in myself, has been nothing short of wondrous. I am deeply grateful to all the Princeton students, current and former, of all genders, who are using their voices and bodies to protect and heal. I am also grateful to Dean Deborah Prentice for her strong words: “What we can do going forward is make Princeton the place it should have been” for students in the past. May all beings be safe to live and speak truthfully. May we all grow and learn.

Elizabeth Robinson ’94