The article “Sexual Misconduct: The New Rules” (feature, Sept. 16) included numerous photos from the SpeakOut photos collection. These photos ( bear slogans, the general theme of many of which a wag might characterize as “responsible promiscuity” (e.g., “Sober Sex. Try It” and “Consent. Get Some”). What a refreshing contrast it would be if there were slogans along the following lines:

“I should give you the most intimate access to my body ... because why?”

“No thanks. Condoms don’t shield hearts.”

“The trip from my bathroom to my bedroom is not a ‘walk of shame.’”

“Why should I put steroids into my body so you can have pleasure?”

“No one gets STDs from chastity.”

“Tell me again why letting a guy sleep with me who barely knows me isn’t using me?”

“Test drive a car, not a person.”

Walter Weber ’81
Alexandria, Va.