Portfolio analyst at Acumen Fund, a ­nonprofit venture fund that invests in companies that provide basic goods and services to the poor. Princeton major: Woodrow Wilson School. 

What he does: Gawande researches companies in which Acumen invests, and tracks the ­companies’ financial performance and their social impact. Managers around the world ­collect information that Gawande, in New York, analyzes and compiles for his colleagues. He also has posted ­content on the organ­i­za­­tion’s Facebook page, managed its Twitter account, and edited its blog.

What he likes: “How Acumen is a ­mission-driven organization — everyone here is committed to changing the way the world tackles poverty,” he said. 

Communicating with colleagues: Gawande works with people in offices in different ­countries. “It’s been a challenge learning how to get to know someone over the phone or on Skype and be able to work with them ­effectively, even though they’re thousands of miles away.”