For many of the alumni in attendance, Reunions 2013 provided an opportunity to bid farewell to President Shirley M. Tilghman, who will leave Nassau Hall at the end of this month after 12 eventful years in office. With that in mind, PAW has devoted much of the June 5 issue to exploring what the Tilghman years have meant for Princeton, in everything from academics to architecture. We invite readers to add their views to the conversation in the comments at PAW Online.
– Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor


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Highlights from the June 5 issue:

The Tilghman years PAW looks back at what has changed.

A moment with ... Curator Don Skemer on F. Scott Fitzgerald ’17 and Gatsby.

Asian-American studies Backers see hopeful signs.

Live, from Princeton, it’s Friday night! David Drew ’14 hosts a late-night talk show.

Perspective Jeff Chu ’99’s journey of faith and humility.

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