In Response to: Dig of the century

The March 7 cover story on Princeton’s excavation of ancient mosaics from Antioch and a related slide show at PAW Online drew comments from readers.

“As we read of art destruction and looting in some Middle Eastern countries today, we can be grateful to [Professor Charles] Morey and his colleagues for their good work in the ’30s,” wrote DAVID FARMER *65 *81, “and for doing the digging and export legally!”

EMIN GUN SIRER ’93 said PAW failed to note that “Syria and Antioch were under French occupation at the time. The legitimacy of any such grant is highly questionable.” He added: “These mosaics belong under the Mediterranean sun, where they were created — not in New Jersey.”

Noting a “crumbling mosaic that had been damaged by weather and neglect” at Princeton, ROBIN MARTIN ’75 asked “how can priceless mosaics be left outside?” and wondered about the fate of exhibits from Guyot Hall’s natural history museum. “The administration must catalog all museum-quality items given to Princeton over the years, and curate them properly,” Martin said.