In Response to: Canceling the P-rade

The letter to the editor from Alan Flippen ’84, in the July 11 PAW, on the P-rade cancellation was ill-advised. I have served on the board of Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivors International, and written a widely referenced article on the medical after-affects of a lightning strike (“Overlooked Diagnoses in Chronic Pain: Analysis of Survivors of Electric Shock and Lightning Strike,” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Vol. 47, #8, pp 796-805). I am not risk averse, having played varsity lacrosse at Princeton, raced F production, and shot the Big Five in Kenya, but to be outside in a lightning storm is foolhardy. Most lightning strikes occur on the periphery of the storm. Kudos to the people who canceled the P-rade.

Nelson Hendler ’66, MD
Cambridge, Md.; former assistant professor of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins