I love to read and then criticize George Will. Since my Princeton Ph.D. was earlier than his and in a much better department, history rather than politics, I feel entitled to do so. I commend him for his disassociation with Trump and the current GOP. I do blame him, however, for years of refusing to see what was wrong with the GOP -- namely, its easy transition from time to time into what can only be called semi-fascistic appeals and bigotry. I also blame him for his athletic analogies all the time: A friend tells me this is his way of pretending he is an All-American Boy. HE IS NOT! And he should stop pretending he is. These conservative intellectuals, like Bill Buckley and now George Will, have been entertaining and as a result have gotten a lot of attention and praise -- far more than they deserve. Some of them are more like Pat Buchanan than they are willing to admit. In any case, I doubt many people really take George Will seriously or even read him.

Norman Ravitch *62
Savannah, Ga.