In Response to: Debating sexual ethics

In response to Professors George and Londregan (letters, June 10), I am happy to reiterate my support for their proposal “that Princeton should establish a center to support students who seek to lead chaste lives.” I am at a bit of a loss, however, at their finding my support to be “especially impressive in view of [my] commitment to an extremely liberal view of sexual ethics.” It is precisely this liberal view that entails respect for all sexual choices not harmful to others, including, of course, chastity.

I also agree that encouraging the University to post tapes of “Sex on a Saturday Night” on the Internet is an excellent idea. Hopefully it will encourage emulation by other institutions of this very worthwhile program.

As for the accusation that I “regard no consensual sexual practice as so degrading, depersonalizing, or dehumanizing as to warrant exclusion from the University’s support,” the key word here is “consensual.” This excludes not only overt violence, but also “consent” based on intoxication, unequal power relations, and the like. With this proviso, I am hard-pressed to imagine what the professors have in mind.

Finally, I do want to note that I know Robby George and consider him a friend. I also have taken his courses and have the highest regard not only for his teaching abilities and for the sincerity of his views, but also for the extraordinary balance and fairness with which he approaches controversial issues such as these in his classes. May we all remember what sadly seems too frequently forgotten — that persons of good will may disagree vehemently while maintaining a relationship of friendship and dignified respect.

Brian Zack ’72