When I came to Princeton as a freshman in the fall of 1966, my parents were upset that I had chosen Princeton over Columbia and Harvard. They did not feel it was a suitable place for their Jewish son. Only a few years before, The New York Times had a feature story about the failure of the Jewish students at Princeton to receive any bids during bicker, and Princeton had a reputation for antisemitism. I had, to their dismay, fallen in love with Princeton at first sight, a love that has lasted a lifetime. Being a Jew at Princeton at that time had its problems as many in the Princeton community clearly felt that we were intruders. Not so with President Goheen. I must say that seeing the lighting of the menorah in front of Firestone is a very gratifying sight. I think that both Presidents Goheen and Shapiro would feel the same way.

Jonathan Stein ’70
Tequesta, Fla.