In Response to: Wanted: More Veterans

We and many other veterans of military service in the Princeton community were heartened by the news that the University is elevating its efforts to increase the diversity of the undergraduate classes by recruiting veterans (On the Campus, April 6). While other selective universities have, since the attacks of 9/11, actively sought to matriculate the best and brightest of the 1.5 million young enlisted veterans of the “Long War” against terrorism, Princeton has lagged. To support the University’s new initiative, we are in the planning stages of forming what might be called the Princeton Veterans Association, or P-VETS. Our goals are to:

  • leverage the strengths, talents, and dedication of our members and friends to honor and support fellow veterans;
  • cultivate leaders for military and public service through support of Princeton students in the Reserve Officer Training programs and other officer-commissioning programs;
  • broaden the diversity of Princeton undergraduate and graduate classes through the matriculation of veterans; and
  • promote educational programs that increase understanding of military service and national security.

Other universities have succeeded in this effort. With Princeton’s commitment to “the nation’s service,” we can, too.

Drew Davis ’70
Annapolis, Md.
Jim Marshall ’72
Macon, Ga.