In Response to: Campus lore

At a recent mini-reunion of our class, I mentioned that rumor had it that I had lived in the same room as Woodrow Wilson in Witherspoon Hall (Room 111). A classmate wanted to know if that was verifiable. So I went on the Princeton website to see what I could find. In an Orange Key presentation, I discovered that Woodrow Wilson did reside in Witherspoon for three years (1877-1879). But I couldn't determine if he was in Room 111 or not. This made me think that it would be nice if there would be a small plaque placed in dorm rooms where celebrities had lived. This would be another inexpensive way to highlight the number of famous graduates from Old Nassau! I'm sure that many graduates like myself would gladly fund such a plaque for their old dorm room. That would be a small expense for those large braggin' rights!! If PAW concurs with this suggestion, please forward it to the trustees. Thank you.

[Editor's note: According to Alexander Leitch's book, A Princeton Companion, Woodrow Wilson moved into Witherspoon Hall's "room no. 7 in the west entry at the beginning of the second term of his sophomore year and lived there until his graduation in 1879."]

William Lange ’56
Fenton, Mo.