Take the Reunions 2008
Princetoniana Challenge

Think you know the Princeton campus? The Princetoniana Committee has a quiz for you. Before you march in the P-rade, use your walking shoes and the help of friends and family members to track down answers to these 10 questions. Each object, architectural detail, building, or place is located on campus, stretching from the Graduate College to the E-Quad. Send your answers to PAW for a chance to win one of our prizes. Entries must be received before June 4, when we will post the answers on The Weekly Blog.

Where is...

1. A building that once served as the nation's capitol for the Continental Congress?


2. This display containing skeletons of a modern and a prehistoric tiger?

3. The "Fountain of Freedom," in the center of which is one of the largest bronze castings in the world?

4. The grave of Nathaniel FitzRandolph, donor of Princeton's original campus?

i-f4fc5f3c2089ed6d56f18df960579d79-garage_PC.jpg5. This parking garage, which won a design award from the American Institute of Architects?

6. The statue of a dean who argued about the location of the Graduate School with a future president of the United States--and won the argument?

7. A building in the shape of an octagon?


8. This stained-glass window, called the "Seven Liberal Arts Window"?

9. A flag from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Princeton IV, which sank during a battle in 1944?

i-9497d2168843e546d90ddcdde5cfd11d-yes_PC.jpg10. This word carved into the pavement?

Images courtesy of the Princetoniana Committee. Visit the Princetoniana section of the Princeton University Website for more Princeton lore.

Inside PAW-litics

PAW will host its first Reunions panel discussion, "PAW-litics 101," on Friday, May 30, at 1:30 p.m. in the Frist Campus Center's air-conditioned Film/Performance Theater (room 301). The event will provide an insider's look at the 2008 presidential campaign from alumni journalists Jim Kelly ’76, managing editor of Time Inc.; Kathy Kiely ’77, a reporter for USA Today; moderator Joel Achenbach '82 of The Washington Post; Todd Purdum ’82, national editor at Vanity Fair; Juliet Eilperin ’92, a reporter at The Washington Post; Rick Klein ’98, senior political reporter for ABC News; and Andrew Romano ’04, an associate editor at Newsweek.
More information about the full calendar of Reunions events can be found online at the Alumni Association's Web site.

i-25fa41e3a724dd0ea5c5701807ea9986-WEB0514.jpgReading period

John Edwards ’08 catches up on some reading on Cannon Green May 7, during the spring semester reading period. Spring finals begin May 14.
Photo by Frank Wojciechowski


Seniors honored for top research

Since 2004, the Princeton Undergraduate Research Symposium has provided students with a chance to share some of what they have learned in their independent work with a wider audience - and win prizes in the process.
This year, 42 undergraduates participated in the event's poster presentations, held in the Carl Icahn Lab atrium March 7. Contestants were judged on a range of criteria that included creativity, scientific thought, demonstration of skill, and communication. Biology and engineering were the most popular categories, drawing 20 and 15 entrants, respectively. Molecular biology concentrator Ryan Corces-Zimmerman ’08 earned the top overall prize and first place in the biology category for his study on how a specific protein affects the longevity of C. elegans, a worm commonly used in lab research. Jerry Moxley ’08, another biologist, placed second overall for his work examining how spotted antbirds search for their prey. Raleigh Martin ’08, a civil and environmental engineer who won the engineering category, placed third overall for his senior thesis examination of Beijing's summer-season climatology.
Other honorees included Kevin Kung ’08, who earned first place in physical sciences and won the Interdisciplinary Award, and Catherine Digovich ’08, the first-place winner in social sciences.

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