Many were puzzled by the logic President Eisgruber used to absolve the University of her affirmative action sins while defending the unintentional hiring of mainly non-conservative faculty. Eisgruber explained that "... [to] put together a class that draws talent from every sector of society ... [we use] a holistic admissions process that takes race into account as one factor." But hiring faculty? No, we acquire "... the most talented people in the field ... [without] putting inappropriate constraints on the hiring process." Counting heads or political affiliations is a mistake, he reaffirmed.

May we vehemently disagree? Political affiliation is a pertinent sector of University society. Princeton in the Nation's Service rings hollow when you affiliate with only half of our great nation.

Once upon a time, there were Whigs and Tories ... or do we only get to feel the Bern?

Lawrence Cheetham ’67
Bedford, N.H.