I noted with interest the copy of Richard Halliburton 1921’s passport (feature, July 11). In 1953, when I was in the sixth grade, I read Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels (1941, 620 pages). I was fascinated with his many travels, particularly Mount Everest, pictures of which his book included. They were taken after he took the first aerial picture ever of Everest from his airplane, The Flying Carpet, during his around-the-world adventure in that plane. The year I read Halliburton’s book, Sir Edmund Hillary became the first to climb Everest.

In 1994, I joined Princeton’s Outdoor Action Alumni Expedition trip led by Carroll Dunham ’85. With seven other Princetonians, I trekked to Chukhung, a town at 15,500 feet, just 2,000 feet shy of the altitude of Base Camp. Inspired by Halliburton, and given the opportunity by Princeton Outdoor Action, I met a life goal of travel to Everest. Also inspired by Halliburton, I, with my wife Ann Teaff, have traveled over the years to many places described in his Complete Book of Marvels.

Donald P. McPherson III ’63
Baltimore, Md.