The She Roars conference couldn't have fallen on a more perfect and poignant time for so many of us. I joined the conference after a long flight from London, UK where I currently reside. For me, it was an ideal moment, as I've been in a transitional moment in my career while also feeling swept up not only in America's current political climate, but also in life abroad, and I was so eager to jump into conversations with fellow Princeton women. After recently receiving my PhD in international relations at the London School of Economics last year, the She Roars "Liberating the PhD: Diverse Career Paths with a Doctorate" panel was the perfect opportunity for me to jump into conversations with fellow Princeton women to help tease out many of the anxieties, questions and curiosities I currently face in exploring next steps in my career. Complementing such targeted panels with a range of sessions on issues unrelated to my studies, exploring journalism, wellness, leadership and other areas were a welcome respite from the more specific advice I was seeking and provided many undiscovered sources of information and inspiration. Topping this off with meals shared with dear '10 friends alongside Princeton '73 and '74 women who told remarkable stories of persistence and drive -- all with an incredible sense of humor and camaraderie-- was more than I could have expected from just three short days.

Rachel George '10
Twitter @Rageorge88

Princeton, N.J.