In Response to: Season of Champions

I am deeply disappointed by the paucity of coverage PAW has given to this year’s phenomenal football team. The Ivy League championship! The first undefeated team in 54 years! New marks in rushing and passing! And, if I’m not mistaken, the all-time — that’s ALL-TIME — Ivy League scoring record! Yet such accomplishments warranted no cover at PAW, not even a multipage article. I am old enough to remember the attention and admiration justly showered on the great, undefeated football team of 1964, which, by comparison, makes the short, grudging coverage of 2018’s season seem truly shoddy, particularly in this 150th anniversary year of Princeton football.

I know that in the age of #MeToo and regnant feminism the “manly virtues” that underlay the football team’s success are out of favor, even — to some — embarrassing. Which is an even greater shame at Princeton than PAW’s failure to celebrate adequately the remarkable young men of its 2018 football team.

James W. Seymore ’65
Wilton, Conn.