In Response to: The Dealmaker

I was fascinated to read of Regis Pecos ’77’s role in mediating the end of the Santa Fe Entrada (cover story, Sept. 11). Living north of Santa Fe, I was well aware of the bitter controversy and knew some of the Native people involved in the protests. 

I was dismayed, however, to read John Fay *85’s letter (Inbox, Oct. 23) pointing out that Native people could also be as brutal as Euroamericans. 

This seems to be missing several points. First, Native people are still being mistreated and brutalized by us and having their lands stolen, which is what keeps these old sores from healing. We cannot imagine what it would be like to awaken every day in occupied territory.

Second, what Pecos helped to achieve (miraculously) is a solution based on truth and reconciliation. Unless we acknowledge the truth of the crimes of the past, committed by our own people, we have no hope of moving beyond them. 

It is a process, and a tough one. No part of this is easy or comfortable. The sooner we start, the better.

Liz Gold ’79
Chimayó, N.M.