In September 1971, I walked into my first class at Princeton, Physics 101. Teaching the class was Professor James Peebles *62, now 2019 Nobel laureate (cover story, Dec. 4). With Professor Peebles, we were entertained, encouraged, and gently guided through the complexities of space and time and energy and force. And miracle upon miracle, this great teacher was also my preceptor. While I wasn’t his best student, he understood that I cared about the class because he made me want to try my hardest.

I was unaware at that time that my physics professor was a rock star in his field of cosmology, and that he would not be my only brilliant Princeton teacher. That combination — of world-famous researcher/writer and masterful professor — is what makes our University so special. 

A resounding locomotive for Professor Peebles!

CeCe Turner Haydock ’75
Locust Valley, N.Y.