Ellen Peebles ’84 (cover story, Dec. 4) was the middle daughter, not the youngest, of James Peebles *62 and his wife, Alison. Ellen was a shining light herself, with a lot of the lovely spirit, generosity, and humor of her father. Thank you for mentioning her and the fact that family and friends have lost her.

Knowing Ellen in college, I was lucky enough to spend time with her family, including one Thanksgiving dinner when my brother (Aaron Belz ’87) and I were stuck on campus. We knew Jim Peebles was an accomplished, smart professor of a subject that English and history majors like us weren’t likely to study, but to us he was just a charming, unassuming, and droll father of a great friend, who welcomed her friends into his family. I am thrilled he’s received this latest, ultimate honor. Another note: The Peebles’ eldest daughter, Lesley, is also an alumna of Princeton (Class of ’82).

Kristin Belz ’84
Portland, Ore.