In Response to: Reckoning With Wealth

I read “Reckoning with Wealth” in PAW this week. Miss Poole must never have pumped gas in a blizzard or mixed mortar when it was 98°F in the shade, and there was no shade. I’ve been working since I was age 12 and I have amassed a nine-figure net worth without being a racist. The statement “wealth and racism are inextricably linked” is absurd at its face. I employ 150 highly paid, highly skilled people of every possible background. PAW needs to be considerably more demanding in its journalism because this piece is nonsense.

If some spoiled brats want to whine about their wealth, that’s not newsworthy. There are Princeton alumni doing real work, in the real capitalistic world, making this nation better every day.  They are the people who should be celebrated and publicized, not these pathetic crybabies. 

Gaetano P. “Guy” Cipriano ’78
Franklin Lakes, N.J.