This is my first letter to our venerable magazine as a cranky old alum.

I read with disappointment that students protested former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch as this year’s Class Day speaker (On the Campus, April 8). They were “confused” by the “set of criteria” used to select this outstanding athlete and dedicated philanthropist because he has been “reticent” to speak to national media. All the more reason to hear what this man of few words might have to share.

I don’t follow sports. I can’t tell you why it’s so hard to make 10 yards on four tries. But I did watch The Beast’s epic 79-yard run in 2014 as he swatted 250-pound men like flies and took it all the way to a glorious finish in the end zone. My parents and I cheered, watching the TV set; Christmas came early on the football field.

I hope that despite the awful extenuating circumstances upsetting this year’s graduation ceremonies our soon-to-be fellow alumni will still be inspired to go full Beast Mode as they cross the graduation finish line.

Amy Holmes ’94
New York, N.Y.