I laud the selection of Marshawn Lynch as Class Day speaker. I trust that the selection criteria considered values we hold dear: Overcoming adversity, extreme devotion to one’s passion, and getting directly involved in giving back to one’s own community after extraordinary achievements. I am fully confident that Marshawn won’t disappoint the audience. Marshawn will also give “voice to the people of his community” (paraphrasing the Prince op-ed). Let Marshawn spell out what “fine” means to him in 2020. I also trust the selection process. Involving 5,400 undergraduates risks selecting a speaker that is too safe or conventional.

Perhaps this an opportunity for us to reflect on how Princeton can one day welcome as students some of the sons and daughters of Oakland that Marshawn is helping and inspiring right now.

I was planning to come all the way from Switzerland to come see my hero speak and I truly hope that the show can go on.

Bryan Niggli ’93
Zurich, Switzerland