With the effect COVID-19 has leveled on higher education, I must add the terrible injustice it has it has wreaked on campus life. One may think that a Princeton education is purely teachers and books, but in fact the most memorable and long-lasting memories are social. 

How can I ever forget Frisbee in the quads, intramural interclub flag football, writing and performing in Farlie’s Follies with Milt, Stu, Bill, and Rick on WPRU, throwing water balloons on the Harvard band and they marched through Blair Arch, poker in the dorm until 5 a.m., listening to Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series while I was dissecting a dogfish in biology lab, club life, and the interaction with good friends all the time.

This kind of experience can only be enjoyed in college, never the same in high school or graduate school.

So my heart goes out to those who are missing this spring at Princeton. And I hope it will be revitalized in the fall. I would urge the powers that be to figure out a way so all these great smart kids can go back to Old Nassau in September and experience the total college campus experience.

Merritt H. Cohen ’57
East Hanover, N.J.