Regarding your query about memories of the first winter snow at Princeton (From the Archives, February issue), I lived in Princeton and mostly remember the poor little crocuses sticking their heads up through the inevitable March blanket of snow, but I don’t have a specific memory of my college days.

However, I remember the story in the Prince of a first winter snow involving my son, John H. Carter ’96 (now M.D., Ph.D.). In his time, there was a naked run through campus upon the first snow — only boots allowed. The Prince story quoted my son as saying, “We bum-rushed the Wa.” My father, Raymond H. Carter ’33, a rabid Princetonian, read the story in the Prince and pretended to be somewhat shocked, but I know for certain he was thinking, “Attaboy!”

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Raymond H.A. “Beau” Carter II ’65 *79
Rancho Cordova, Calif.