In response to your request for stories about snow at Princeton, let me offer the following:

It was after midnight in early 1999 and Marquis Parker ’99, Justin Bennett ’99, and I had just finished our closing shifts at Chancellor Green Cafe and were walking back to our Spelman dorm room. Several inches of snow had fallen and the entire campus was covered to the point where walking paths were indistinguishable from their adjacent grass areas (this becomes important later). I do not recall who had the bright (this is a relative term) idea, but we decided that 1 a.m. was a perfect time to start an impromptu game of football … tackle of course. We reached out to as many people as we could and found ourselves engaged in a full-fledged, full-contact, snow football game in the area behind Spelman. 

In addition to the three of us, our other roommate, Constantine Georges ’99, joined the game along with Jon Reali ’99, Jeremy Dongilli ’99, and more than a dozen other friends who I cannot recall at this point. The game included starters from the football team, some backups, and a few of us who had no business being on the same field of play as those other guys! The game was intense, spirited, and laughs and yells filled the late night/early morning.  As we all awoke late the next day, we discovered many more bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, aches, and pains than we had anticipated. As we limped to lunch, we discovered that our field of play was actually crisscrossed with sidewalks that none of us had seen nor remembered as the game began, because of the blanket of thick snow! 

The churned up snow, grass, and earth reminded us all of the epic battle the night before, and the appearance of the sidewalks made us all laugh long after. A great night that, luckily, had no lasting injuries!

Daniel Sattizahn ’99
Plano, Texas