I am a first generation American whose parents came to America in 1922 aboard the ship Lapland

With a family home some 400 years old in Corsica, I’ve been going to and from the island since I was age 10, continuing to 2019. The family goes back hundreds of years and possibly came to Corsica in the 11th century. Rospigliani on my mother’s side, Altiani on my father’s. In worldwide travel as a USMC fighter pilot and later airline pilot, Corsica truly deserves its naming “Isle de Beaute,” with its wonderful coastal beaches, mountains, clear rivers, valleys, wildlife, villages, stands of protected trees, and various foods. I’ve found few in the world that overall surpass it. The island has been inhabited for over 8,000 years as the ancient statues verify at Filitosa, and, as my maternal grandfather told me, “We have seen many governments, they come and they go; only the family remaining is the most important.”

Jean Pierre Tristani
Ramsey, N.J.