In Response to: Deficit disorder

PAW regularly does a good job of presenting complex issues in limited space. Therefore, I was startled that “Mind the gap: Alumni experts on America’s looming deficit” neglected to include (or even mention) a single female “expert.”

That same issue included an article about the University’s discouraging report documenting declining participation among current female students in “high-profile” campus roles. Without straining too hard, I can think of female classmates and other alumnae who are senior professors of economics at some of the best colleges and universities in the country, who lead companies employing thousands, and who, as government officials, deal with the deficit debate daily.

On the eve of Princeton’s celebration of its women, could PAW’s unintentional omission of a large portion of its alumni experts be both a reflection of the problem on campus and a missed opportunity to contribute to its solution?

Nina Bang-Jensen ’77