In Response to: Freddy Fox goes to war

What a delight to read about Fred Fox ’39 (cover story, March 21). I heard of him as an undergraduate and later from a member of the 1981 football team — Fox was evidently an enthusiastic football supporter and attended every practice.

The exploits of the “Ghost Army” were fascinating — and what a shame to have kept the story classified for so long. I seem to remember that there was another ghost army in the United Kingdom before the Normandy invasion — commanded by Gen. George Patton, who was very much afraid that was to be his only contribution to the invasion of Europe!

There is one “infidelity” (as “Buzzer” Hall once commented about my senior thesis) in the discussion of the three jeeps. The major general is unlikely to have ridden in the rear seat of the jeep. The senior officer in a jeep, then and now, rides in the front seat, beside the driver.

We have a senior historian of the Defense Department living in our retirement community, and I will pass this PAW along to him. I am sure he will enjoy it as much as I did. Many thanks, and keep up the good work.

Broadus Bailey Jr. ’51
Falls Church, Va.