Jeopardy! Productions Inc.

Jeopardy! Productions Inc.

TERRY O’SHEA ’16 became the first Princeton student to win the Jeopardy! College Tournament in an episode that aired Feb. 21. O’Shea, who plans to major in English, received $100,000. She told PAW that she was anxious to return to Mathey College’s trivia night, where she honed her skills.

A second dose of the MENINGITIS B VACCINE was given in January and February to 81 percent of the 5,800 University community members, mostly students, who were eligible to receive it. The first doses of the vaccine, known as Bexsero, were administered in December to 95 percent of those eligible. A second dose is needed for full immunity against the disease, which infected eight people on campus.

Former vice president AL GORE will deliver the keynote address on Class Day June 2. “If Princeton seniors are looking for an example of how to change the way we talk about the world, all they need to do is listen closely this Class Day,” said Teddy Schleifer ’14, co-chair of the event.

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In Memoriam FORMAN S. ACTON ’43 *44, professor emeritus of computer science, died Feb. 18 in Salem, N.J. After working at the National Bureau of Standards’ Institute for Numerical Analysis, Acton joined Princeton’s electrical engineering department in 1956 and became its computing expert. In 1985, Acton transferred to the newly created computer science department. He retired in 1989.