In Response to: About-Face on Grading?

I urge the University to end the grade-deflation policy. In 2011, when my daughter was considering Princeton as her No. 1 choice, we attended an information session in Greenwich, Conn., where she had the opportunity to meet with alumni and admission representatives. I asked if the grade-deflation policy would be continued, since it appeared from our multiple visits to the school that it was creating an overly competitive culture among the student body. While the admission representatives commended the policy, the alumni who had students at Princeton overwhelmingly responded negatively and solidified our perspective.

As a result, she did not even apply to Princeton because she wanted a school that fostered a collaborative and supportive approach to academics, rather than one that was cutthroat. One of the best parts of Princeton was learning from peers — which, in my opinion, is stifled with the grade-deflation policy. Please end it.

Christine Adams Osborn ’87