In Response to: Writing with the Master

Enjoyed the John McPhee profile. Just for the record, the 1977 version of that class, taught by Robert Massie, generated a remarkable number of writers and editors: Jim Kelly ’76 (Time managing editor), Susan Korones ’79 (Cosmopolitan editor), John Marcom ’79 (Time International president), David Michaelis ’79 (biographer), Ned Potter ’77 (ABC science reporter), Scott Redford ’78 (Islamic art professor, author), Randy Rothenberg ’78 (New York Times Magazine editor, author), Carol Wallace ’77 (historical novelist), Alex Wolff ’79 (Sports Illustrated senior writer, author), and Rob Goldberg ’79 (Wall Street Journal columnist, filmmaker, author). 

Apologies for synopsizing great careers, and no doubt leaving someone out. But for sheer prose output, this group has published more than three dozen books, and enough column inches to choke a writing professor.

Rob Goldberg ’79