In Response to: Mapping an Argument

Thank you to the Princeton Alumni Weekly for “Mapping an Argument” (On the Campus, Jan. 7) and for drawing attention to our work! The seminar has not been a solo effort on my part. Eva van der Brugge *14 and Adam Elga ’96 played a major role in designing the class, and the three of us instructed the first iteration of the class in 2013. The seminar would not have happened were it not for the support of the chair of the philosophy department, Michael Smith. Michael, along with Adam, was the first faculty member to really get behind the idea of teaching philosophy using argument visualization. Shamik Dasgupta and I co-instructed the fall 2014 iteration of the seminar, and Yoaav Isaacs was our AI. Both Shamik and Yoaav contributed brilliant materials for the class. Many thanks are also due to Clayton Marsh [’85], the deputy dean of the college, who got behind our work and has been instrumental in keeping it going.

Simon Cullen