In Response to: Lost in the Democracy

Walter Kirn ’83 at first seems to thread the needle between the parties, but then explodes any possible support of truth and facts when apologizes ex-President Trump as “a guy who felt he wasn’t getting his chance to be president.” I need only cite the proven 15,000 lies Trump has spewed out, much less his other proven unethical, criminal behavior, to put to bed any connection to truth and facts.

When given the clear opportunity to weigh in on Jan. 6, Kirn dodges and deflects saying, “I don’t feel that I’m in the business of moralizing about the American story.” What? He’s been given the chance to condemn Trump for the proven worst attack on democracy in our history, and he is silent? How dishonest.

Among other great values of a Princeton education was being ingrained in a deep appreciation for truth and facts in every single course we took. I am deeply disappointed that a fellow alumnus has so trucked in the disinformation barrage emanating from the likes of Fox.

Randolph Hobler ’68
Norwalk, Conn.