In Response to: Lost in the Democracy

I only just saw Kirn on Gutfeld and really hadn’t known of him before. I read constantly, follow the news but just can’t keep up with everybody. I share his same philosophy in a way; I am from the deep Midwest (which means Ohio farmlands) and yet was born in Chicago, have lived in Los Angeles’ finest suburbs, Arlington, Virginia, working in lobbying in D.C., mothering in eastern Ohio, Appalachian foothills, writing for newspapers through the years, paying attention to the hypocrisy and the BS that lives in this country. But ultimately we are a nation of differences trying to survive as a genuine democracy that we learned in civics in the 1950s. I work at keeping up with all points of view and then ponder, what in the world causes them to think such radical thoughts?

Vicki Spachner
Wynnewood, Pa.