In Response to: Lost in the Democracy

I had to chuckle at the passage in the profile of Walter Kirn that helpfully explains who Greg Gutfeld is. I couldn’t tell if the phrase that “You and your friends might not watch Gutfeld, which airs on Fox …” was serious or a spoof of the possibly blinkered media views of PAW readers. I guess if late-night host Gutfeld is beyond the pale of acceptable discourse owing to his network and thus unknown to “you and your friends,” then the article needed the details. Still, the article could have phrased the reference in a more straightforward way rather than assume Princetonians don’t watch or even know about the program that dares to outdraw Colbert, Kimmel, and Maher. Mark Bernstein’s article does do a good job later at analyzing why Kirn would go on Gutfeld’s program, as a tolerant outlet that welcomes Kirn’s “brand of heterodoxy.” What a transgressive idea that is.

Van Wallach ’80
Katonah, N.Y.